Experience & Training

As Drake says in Big Sean’s song Blessings, "You get what you give", Apprentices will get out of this program what they put into it. Apprentices may use this experience on resumes or college application, and active participation builds the skills to back it up. Show up, ask questions and try new things. You’ll learn a lot.

Hirability Scorecard

The Hirability Scorecard is a tool designed to show you your progress toward college or career readiness goals across multiple industries. You will receive a Hirability Scorecard with each paycheck you receive.


Hirability Badges

Hirability Badges represent overall career readiness based on the “Hirability Skills Performance” section of your Hirability Scorecard. To receive a badge you must show “Skilled” or “Expert” in all 3 Hirability Skills represented by that badge on 2 consecutive scorecards. Just like in the industry when you earn a certification, status, position, etc. you receive a sticker to place on your hard hat, these Hirability Badges are placed on apprentice hard hats to show industry partners the career readiness skills you have mastered.

The Hirability Badges represent the following Career Readiness Skills:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 1.14.58 PM.png

Apprentice Crew Leader

An Apprentice Crew Leader models professionalism and helps to maintain a safe, productive and welcoming job site for themselves, their teammates and guests by upholding the uCC Core Values of Safety, Grit, Integrity, and Equity.

To Become A Crew Leader You Must Have:

-Completed at least 2 semesters with uCC

-Earned at least 2 Career Readiness Badges

-Demonstrated consistent growth on Hirability Scorecards since 1st semester

-Regularly demonstrated a “Standard” performance rating in 8 out of 12 Hirability Skills

Hire uCC

On Saturday Build Days 3-5 apprentices will be pulled from the house build for a Special Ops. project in the city. Apprentices will be chosen on a 2-3 week semi-random rotating schedule.